lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

Science and Technology Class...

The topic of May 26th class was science and technology.

We started talking about Sally Ride, who was the first American woman in space got there. She was only 26 years old at that time and she already had 4 degrees. In my opinion, I think she´s a very influence woman around the world and she has shared her experience with many people, to such a point that she has created organizations to encourage girls to pursue studies in math, science and technology. She´s turning 57 years old today.

On the other hand, we made reference to gadgets. A gadget is a small specialized mechanical or electronic device. We can find many kinds of gadgets, like computers, cellphones, Ipods, cameras, etc. In our days, people are getting used to not living without them and It´s true nowadays they´re a need, but not at the point of having to use them all the time or the most part of it.

Also, we chose three questions to discuss and to give our opinion about.

The first one was: Do you think people should be allowed to clone people or organs of people? Why? In my opinion, I do think people should be allowed to clone organs, because many persons die waiting for a donation, and if organs are cloned, many lives could be saved.

The second one was: What are good and bad points of using computers? Well, good points of using computers could be that you can search for information and to be informed of the most important events around the world. On the other way, bad points are that if you spend too many time in front the computer, you could have problems with your sight and also become a computer vicious person.

And the third one was: How do you think face to face communication differs from communication using computers? There is a huge difference between face to face communication and communication using computers, because in the first one you can tell how the person really is by the facial expressions and gestures. But in the communication using computers the person can fake any personality and make you believe they are someone who they´re not.

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